Terms and conditions of use

This point sets out the general terms and conditions governing the use of the website halamenvio.com and the agreements between you (client) and the Company (HalamMultiservice). The customer should read these terms and conditions in detail before using the website, since, by making a purchase on it, the customer acknowledges and agrees to all the terms and conditions raised.

The terms and conditions may vary, so halamenvio.com reserves the right to modify them at any time without notice.

Errors and inaccuracies, availability

The information provided on the website may contain errors in the description of the product, price and availability, therefore, the Company reserves the right to correct any errors and inaccuracies and update information on the website without prior notice.

The Company reserves the right to cancel a purchase made by the customer if it contains any product that has errors or omissions in its description or an incorrect price.

The website reserves the right to limit the number of products to be purchased by the customer.

Price Policy

The halamenvio.con website belongs to HalamMultiservice, which is an American company, so the products will be sold and charged in US dollars. You will be debited from your credit card the amount of the purchase according to the current exchange rate applied by the bank issuing your credit card.

Product prices do not include delivery costs. 

The company reserves the right to modify the prices of the products when it deems necessary.


All products are subject to a one-time payment. Payments can be made via credit cards or visa and Mastercard debit cards.

Payment cards are subject to validation and issuance checks from your issuing bank. If the website does not receive confirmation from the bank, it is not responsible for the delay or non-delivery deadline of the products.

Complaints or claims

Any claim or complaint with the purchase, quantities or delivery of the products, must be made through the customer service email sotoyasser1984@gmail.com

Returns requested by customers

In the event that any customer requests the credit back of their purchase, HalamMultiservice is obliged to return their money. In the event that the refund of the credit back is caused by the decision of the client or by an error made when making the purchase or any other reason that is not related to a breach or poor service of the website, 10% of the amount to be reimbursed to the client would be deducted, in order to cover the operational costs, both linked to the purchase and return of the money, as well as to bank charges. If the credit back is caused by a breach or poor service of the website, no discount of the value to be refunded will be made, HalamMultiservice will assume the expenses mentioned above.

The customer must provide a valid email address to the email sotoyasser1984@gmail.com to get a refund of the purchase money. If the customer provides an incorrect email address the website is not responsible for any claims.

Responsibility of customers

The customer agrees that the information he provides when registering and paying on the website is correct and complete. If the customer provides incorrect and incomplete information he is in breach of the general terms and conditions governing the use of the website.

The customer must create a username and password to perform certain activities carried out on the website. It is the customer's entire responsibility to keep their account information secure. The client must not deliver the information of his account to other people, in the event that this is the case he assumes all the responsibility that results from the use of the website by said persons.

In the event that the client notices any unauthorized use of his account, he must inform the website immediately to the email address: sotoyasser1984@gmail.com

The website is not responsible for any difficulty or failure that the client has to keep his user ID and password secure.

Prohibited Uses

The customer agrees to use the website and its services for lawful purposes and not to allow other persons to use his account on the website for any illegal purpose.


The general terms and conditions governing the use of the website halamenvio.com may be modified at any time, by publishing new general terms and conditions.


By accessing and using the website halamenvio.com, you agree that your access to and use of this website is subject to these terms and conditions.

Company Contacts


Email: sotoyasser1984@gmail.com