The delivery time of the products is the number of working days (from Monday to Friday) that it takes from the moment they are purchased from the website to reach their final destination, from the different warehouses of the distributors and suppliers. 

Delivery conditions

HalamMultiservice has several distributors and suppliers that guarantee the delivery of the products to their final destination. When making the purchase of more than one product, not all of them can be from the same distributor, and, therefore, they could be delivered at different times.

The estimated cost of delivery for the order does not vary in those cases where the products are distributed from different locations.

The delivery of each of the purchases made is of a personal nature at the recipient's home. If at the time of delivery, the recipient is not found, the products will not be delivered to neighbors, friends or other people who are not fully indicated in the order by the customer at the time of the purchase.

When making the purchase, the customer can enter the data of an alternative delivery person, so this person can receive the products in case the original recipient is not available at the time of delivery.

Orders with errors in the delivery address, will be temporarily retained until the customer provides the correct and necessary information to make the delivery safely. Otherwise, the order may be cancelled and the money refunded to the buyer.

Delivery time

HalamMultiservice guarantees the delivery of the goods in the established time, with the quality and responsibility required.

The delivery time is the maximum time that would take to delivery to its final destination, once the customer receives the confirmation of the purchase from